Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dexter Nears the End

Dexter came closer than ever to getting caught in this second to last episode, “Hop a Freighter.” For a minute is seemed that Quinn was finally going to know the full truth, see Dexter in the act of killing, killing Liddy. But he didn’t get caught, not yet.

Lumen is now in the hands of Jordan Chase, an angry Chase who in the name of cleaning up “loose ends,” kills Emily Birch, his first victim. Dexter will do whatever he can to keep Lumen safe, but will he be able to get to her in time? Will he be able to get to her before Deb and all of Miami Metro descends upon Chase?

As there is only one episode left of the best Dexter season so far I’ve decided to look into how it could possibly end, and what the body count of those close to Dexter will finally be.

As I have said before, those who question Dexter usually end up taped to a table with a knife in their heart before reaching their final resting place in bags at the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately, as I have really grown to like him, this means Quinn. He got too close and Dexter thinks he was working with Liddy, which he was until recently. It can’t end well for Det. Joey Quinn, which will leave Deb, yet again, alone and abandoned by the men in her life. Poor Deb.

And what of Lumen, the woman who got even closer to Dexter than Rita ever could have? I hate to say it here too, but I don’t know how there can be a happy ending for her and Dexter either. It will kill Dexter to lose another woman, especially one with whom he shares such a special bond, but I think that’s where it is heading.

As a bad guy has never made it past one season, the end is coming for Chase. But will that be before Deb catches on? In the preview for the last episode it looks as if Deb may finally find Dexter out. In all honesty I would hate to see this, it’s not the time. The last thing I want is for a season of Dexter on trial. It can’t end that way for him. Which means he either can’t get caught or if he does get caught, Deb will turn a blind eye to his deeds thinking this was his first time killing.

Only one episode left so soon our questions will be answered and naturally we will probably be left with even more in some insane cliffhanger that will keep all the fans on edge until next October. Happy watching.

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