Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dexter and Lumen Take the Next Step

It’s official. The Lumen-Dexter affair has been weeks in the making and yet I was unsure it would come to fruition until seeing the latest episode. Part of me couldn’t stand the idea of Dexter being with anyone after Rita’s death (and honestly it is way, way, way too soon for him to move on) but he is able to share his true self with someone for the first time ever.

She knows absolutely everything about his secret life, and she not only accepts it but embraces it and joins in. Her experiences with Boyd and the gang have changed her forever. She could never return to her past life, made clear when she chose Dexter and killing in Miami over her ex-fiancé.

I couldn’t help but what in glee as Lumen and Dexter interacted in the past episode. It was like the stake out/reconnaissance mission was their first date. He bought her a pair of her very own black gloves, “just like yours” she says to Dexter. He watches her examine them with a goofy grin on his face. The two are becoming more awkward around each other, a tell tale sign that their feelings for one another are evolving.

When they actually go to carry out the kill of Alex Tilden, the fifth man in the photo from Chase’s camp days where the horror began, she dresses just like Dexter. Again that goofy grin as he says to her “you look perfect.” Their second date has begun. Instead of flowers, knives and kill tools. “They’re beautiful,” she claims as she runs her fingers over the equipment.

And there you have it. Lumen carries out the kill and she is able to find some peace and let Dexter in. Perhaps he is the only way she can ever find her peace and find some semblance of a life after her horrific experiences. Obviously, life with Dexter, knowing Dexter’s secrets, isn’t normal. But the two are comfortable and in their own way normal with one another. This is Dexter’s first real relationship, and he will be able to feel about Lumen a deep range of real emotions that he could never feel with Rita, may she rest in peace.

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